Friday, July 24, 2009

Stay Cool TC

Traditionally, the houses in northern Michigan have not had air conditioning. While eventually we may all need AC as a necessity here are 10 Tips at Treehugger for reducing cooling costs (includes the obvious like plant trees and the less obvious like plant vines): 10 Overlooked Low-Tech Ways of Keeping Your Home Cool

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Facts: Four Cases Of Closing Roads DECREASING Traffic

In what may be inconceivable to many people, there have been many examples of traffic congestion being solved by closing roads. This is discussed in the book 'Traffic'.

For the latest examples see Infrastructurist: 4 Cases Of How Tearing Down A Highway Can Relieve Traffic Jams (And Save Your City)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Cook's House Tries A Guerrilla Garden

[7/2/2009 Update. The garden is allowed: Calling all gardeners!!!]

And gets smacked down for no good reason.

But this is the underlying issue in Traverse City. Residents who want things to stay the way they have been for the last 50 years versus residents who want to bring back the old ideas that worked (e.g., city gardens and chickens, granny flats) and new ideas that will work.

Read the account at Chef Eric's blog 'from behind the stove': Terroist [sic] Gardeners Unite!!! we thought it would be nice to put in a community garden. I tried calling the city a couple times to get the OK but after giving them ample time to call me back, a month or so, I decided to take action on my own and began to build. We put together two 5 foot by 10 foot raised beds and got some good planting dirt donated. It was not more than 30 minutes after the dirt was unloaded that the police showed up. The police!! Apparently someone in our building, someone who's life is so pathetic, so lonely and without meaning, called the police because they wanted to make sure we have all the proper governmental OKs.

...So to that miserable bastard who called the police, f%$k off. We're planting our garden, and we are going to make our part of Traverse City a much nicer place to be, even with you being here. The only thing we'll have to change is to plant more so we can cover up your self righteousness.