Friday, July 8, 2011

Colorado River's Big Sur

Is a standing wave that only occurs when the flow rate gets above 20,000 cfs.

It has been at about 30,000 cfs recently.

DenverPost reports: Once-in-a-generation wave continues in Debeque Canyon
With waves surging to nearly head high, strong surfers can ride the never-ending wave nonstop for more than an hour on uncrowded days.

[via AdventureJournal]

The article mentions a person who has made the 4-hour round-trip from Vail four times this month.

Message boards indicate people from Utah and Montana are making the trip to experience this wave. Even a person in Connecticut is going west to surf in the Colorado River.

This kind of dedication is why a whitewater park in downtown Traverse City seems like a great idea.

Batali Is Checking In

In an interview for Family Circle Magazine Mario Batali had this:
Favorite getaways: "We have a quiet vacation home in Michigan. I'll spend two months there over the summer without a cell phone or computer, golfing, swimming in the lake, and cooking for family and friends. It's heaven!

If you follow Chef Batali on twitter you'll see he's tweeting and checking-in to foursquare from Leelanau county on his iPhone, so the part about spending the summer without a cell phone or computer may not be quite accurate. Though an iPhone is so much more than a cell phone so technically he is correct, but who cares? - I'm just happy to see how he's spending his time in our part of Michigan.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Sara Hardy Downtown Farmer's Market Is Moving For Cherry Festival

Just as it always does, but this year to the Old Town Parking Deck.

A move I am quite excited to see as I have told people in the past that I think the parking decks can be used for functions other than parking.

My hypothesis is it'll be a great location for the Farmer's Market as there is built-in parking, coverage for people to get out of the elements, and it is still close to downtown. Other cities use their parking decks for the Farmer's Market so I am interested in seeing how this experiment turns out.

See you Saturday morning!