Friday, July 8, 2011

Colorado River's Big Sur

Is a standing wave that only occurs when the flow rate gets above 20,000 cfs.

It has been at about 30,000 cfs recently.

DenverPost reports: Once-in-a-generation wave continues in Debeque Canyon
With waves surging to nearly head high, strong surfers can ride the never-ending wave nonstop for more than an hour on uncrowded days.

[via AdventureJournal]

The article mentions a person who has made the 4-hour round-trip from Vail four times this month.

Message boards indicate people from Utah and Montana are making the trip to experience this wave. Even a person in Connecticut is going west to surf in the Colorado River.

This kind of dedication is why a whitewater park in downtown Traverse City seems like a great idea.