Thursday, September 30, 2010

“A bike in New York City is sort of what a convertible is in Los Angeles"

The bifurcated nature of the pro/con debate regarding trails, bikes, parking decks, roundabouts, tourists, politics, etc. in northern Michigan makes me think a bike in Traverse City is sort of what a snowmobile is in Traverse City.

Via NYT: Bicycle Chic Gains Speed

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

USBR 35 Meeting Tonight

Can't believe this isn't getting more attention.

Via Twitter/FB since nowhere else is it mentioned:
There is a public input meeting for Bike Route 35 on Tuesday, Sept 28, 6pm – 7pm in the MI Works! Conference Room, 1209 S Garfield Rd Public.

Official site: USBR

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Negating The Braess Paradox

Via PhysOrg: Scientist proves Braess paradox 'disappears' under high traffic demands

The Braess Paradox implies that new paths will result in longer times for all travelers in a network. What has been determined is that under high loads there is no change in travel times, and with low demand new routes are used but the travel time does not change.

So, my take-away of this study is that if the proposed Boardman Lake Ave is built, it will get used, but won't shorten anyone's trip and will be a very expensive exercise in futility.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"The 2011 Epicurean Classic will be held September 15-18 at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons"

Might be the best thing I read today.

See UpNorthLive: The Epicurean Classic is coming back

Welcome back.

A Smart Dog Park

If Traverse City gets a dog park here's a clever idea of what to do with all the "doggie bags" that will be generated.

See PhysOrg: Dog park lit by dog poop

image at PhysOrg

Michigan's Future Is Growing

In other words, agriculture can supplement what is left of the manufacturing workforce because Michigan is second to California in crop diversity. Therefore, commercial agriculture can play a huge role in Michigan's economy.

One example is maple syrup. As climate change destroys maple sugaring in the northeast, Michigan stands to gain.

See NWMI.SecondwaveMedia: How sweet it is: Michigan one day could be world's leading producer of maple syrup [thanks for the link K]

And it is worth mentioning that as sweeteners go, maple syrup is a good source of manganese and zinc.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Not Whitewater?

Traverse City Whitewater has a page at Facebook now. Join it. A recent posting indicates they are just about to form a non-profit but need board members and volunteers.

I recently read an article that pointed out how something as simple as a single standing wave can make a city a destination. See MIL: Surfing In Munich

Here's a video from this park in Munich. Why not Traverse City? Look at the crowds watching these people surf. This would be a huge draw for downtown: