Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodbye To A Classic

The Traverse Epicurean Classic is moving to St. Joseph, MI in order to draw more participants from a more populous area and because of an opportunity to partner with KitchenAid.

Traverse City will miss the Epicurean Classic more than the festival organizers will miss Traverse City. This event has been known as the "Traverse Epicurean Classic" after all.

Right at the point when this festival was becoming popular and associated with Traverse City it gets moved in a boneheaded move.

Maybe the Cherry Festival should move to Washington or Oregon?

This is a frustrating development because the original molehill that had to overcome was finding a location other than the Great Lakes Culinary Institute at NMC. That's right, the culinary school didn't want to host a popular culinary festival because it was "too difficult" for the students. Yes, good thing to keep them from the real world. That's real good training.
Now Traverse City is facing a mountain of a battle in establishing itself as a culinarian capital and a destination for foodie tourists when it doesn't even hold onto a premiere culinary event.

This is the kind of ridiculous decision I expect from the luddite City Commissioners, but not NMC.

Via UpNorthFoodies: Epicurean Classic heads to St. Joe’s