Monday, March 2, 2009

To Speed Up Traffic New York City Is Closing Broadway Avenue

USAToday: Broadway to kick cars to the curb
To speed traffic and give pedestrians more elbow room, New York City will close five blocks of Broadway around Times Square to traffic. The famed Great White Way between 42nd and 47th streets will become a pedestrian zone with benches, tables and landscaping.

I think Traverse City should close Lake Avenue between 8th and Union as this cut-through is pedestrian un-friendly and causes traffic to back-up.

Making this section of Lake Avenue would greatly benefit the Loading Dock, Midtown, Hagerty, Patisserie Amie, etc. I also think the old cannery and other buildings between the Loading Dock and Patisserie Amie could be like a mini-version of the warehouse district if only traffic volume were decreased and this area became walkable.