Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Nice Time To Focus On Good News

Since there has been plenty of complaining about biomass and other unresolved issues, here is some good news to celebrate:

@DowntownTC: Old Town Parking Deck anticipating to be Platinum LEED certified. Includes solar panels, green roofs, electric car outlets & bike lockers.

The Traverse City GIS Department is using ESRI software to make available the Tax Parcel Viewer.

And this news which will have a big impact in my life: TC to get year-round flights to Denver (now I am hoping for a Rockies - Tigers World Series)

[update 3/06/2010] New eateries, stores move in downtown

A Renewed Excitment
What makes Northern Michigan such a perfect place to own a restaurant? Everything. I think those who have lived up for many years may have become numb to what is up here. Often I am asked somewhat incredulously why I would leave Vegas and the enviable position I held to move to "this". I answer the same every time, "because it is world class up here." The jobs our farmers and produces do warrants, no demands, of us excellence. It falls on all of us to take the embarrassment of riches we have up here in terms of raw product and present it as perfectly as it is given.