Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Storm

The October blow is winding down finally.

Jeff Masters:
Strongest storm ever recorded in the Midwest smashes all-time pressure records

GOES image

There's a satellite movie too.

The system made worldwide news. The BBC covered it: Fierce storm muscles through Midwestern US

HuffPo has a few unremarkable pictures: 'Chiclone' Aftermath: Storms Leave Plenty Of Damage Throughout Midwest

The WaPo has some interesting facts at Midwest storm by the numbers such as:
24 tornado reports

282 wind damage reports

26 mb pressure fall in 24 hours in central Minnesota. This kind of extreme drop in pressure is referred to as "explosive cyclogenesis" or "bombogenesis"

77 mph wind gust in Greenfield, Indiana. Highest "official" wind gust reported.

5 states (Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and South Dakota) - where wind gusts to at least 70 mph were reported. List of selected wind gusts.

250+ flight cancellations yesterday at Chicago O'Hare

50 mph winds for 24 of the last 32 hours in Pierre, South Dakota according to the Weather Channel

8" - Snow report in Harvey, ND accompanied by sustained winds near 40 mph and gusts over 50 mph

150-180 mph winds estimated at jet stream level driven by the large temperature contrast between the eastern and western U.S. - which in turn - fueled this storm in the center of the country.

1 partially impaled teacher by tree limb outside Chicago. Teacher says she will use tree limb that entered her abdomen and came out her side as "art"

In Michigan, wave height was 20+ feet in some places:

NWS recorded a top guts of 78 mph on the bridge: Final Wind Gusts for the Historic Great Lakes Storm of October 26-27

9&10 reported that all freighters were anchored.

In Empire, a water spout was spotted.

And naturally there are many, many power lines and trees down, but it appears nothing too terrible occurred. I kept waiting for it to get really windy.