Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is Hinge Line?

For a long time this was a quasi-anonymous site, shared with only a couple people. The only intention I had was to provide a place where I could share interesting things that related to northern Michigan.

But recently things have changed so I feel as though I should explain things.

What is Hinge Line?

A hinge line is the axis where on one side of the line the land is rising, and on the other side sinking, due to post-glacial isostatic rebound. It is slow change, but after the glacier retreats and that weight is gone the land rises back up.

In other words, remove an overburden and you can rise again.

There are multiple geological hinge lines in Michigan. (find the book 'Geology of Michigan' for more on the topic)

I chose the name Hinge Line because I see Traverse City and northern Michigan slowly rising again. Hinge line as metaphor for the rise from the weight that was lifted after the early 1990's when houses in Central Neighborhood were falling into disrepair and the State Hospital stood vacant. By the end of the 1990's it was clear Traverse City was developing a new persona, a new way of viewing itself as a community. That trend has continued and what I want to do here is spread those ideas that work. Be pragmatic. Be philosophical. Be reasonable.

I do have an agenda. It is to provide information and ideas that work. Because I want this place to keep rising. I want northern Michigan to achieve its full potential and rise as high as it can and lift us all with it.

Someday I'll move this site to its own domain. But for now this is not my job, just an interest, and I have no time to police what people say and respond to questions so no comments yet. But I welcome the change and will attempt to keep this going.

Andy Olds