Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Winter Microbrew and Music Festival

I'm not ashamed to say I've been looking forward to this since last year's event. I was even more excited to learn it will happen in Old Town.

The summer edition is nice but has a different feel. There's much less clothing at the summer Microbrew and Music festival and hence much more posturing by those in attendance. Whereas the winter festival is more about friends, discovering new drinks and new music. My own taste is for the Winter festival.

And for the first time ever you will be allowed to re-enter the festival! This is being done so that people can take in an act at the Comedy Arts Festival and then return. (this is something people have asked for in the past so it is great to see it implemented)

Porterhouse Productions has the full schedule and brewers.

This will also be an interesting test of the Braess Paradox. Will closing off Old Town to traffic make the surrounding streets worse or better?