Monday, October 24, 2011

Missing Links For 10-24-2011

(some things I have been reading but not posting)

AtlanticCities: The Economics of Urban Trees

Steamboat Springs is now branding itself as Bike Town USA
Steamboat Pilot: Steamboat's plans for biking could offer business opportunities

DenverPost: Steamboat Springs vying for top cycling destination
Steamboat is primed to be a vibrant bike destination. Two boutique bike makers, Moots and Eriksen, are crafting high-end rides in town. Honey Stinger, the nation's largest maker of honey-based energy food and co-owned by Lance Armstrong​, is based in Steamboat. Point6 socks and SmartWool apparel are headquartered in Steamboat and are popular with cyclists...

...Painted bike lanes and sharrows adorn most city streets. New directional and "Share Our Road" signage will be in place soon. On the backside of Steamboat's Howelsen Hill​ ski area, new volunteer-built singletrack on BLM land is harvesting accolades. The Beall Trail opened in July with a wildly successful 50-mile mountain bike race, one of the city's 40 cycling events every summer.

VanityFair has some Leelana County pics from Batali: Chef Mario Batali’s Delicioso Stash of Food Camera-Phone Photos

PhysOrg: New research finds that homeowners and city planners should 'hit the trail'
housing prices went up by nine dollars for every foot closer to the trail entrance. Ultimately, the study concluded that for the average home, homeowners were willing to pay a $9,000 premium to be located one thousand feet closer to the trail.

PhysOrg: Dam removal increases property values

TheAtlanticCities: As America Ages, NIMBYism Could Increase
The report finds that people aged 56-65 are most likely to actively oppose new projects in their communities, while people aged 21-35 are most likely to actively support projects.

-> related from TheTicker: The Big Boom: Senior Population Surging Up North

ECFRPC: Economic Impact of Trails in Orange County [these trails total about 35 miles; for comparison TART's Leelanau + TART + Boardman Trails are about 28 miles]
It was determined that in 2010 in Orange County, theses trails supported 516 jobs and an estimated economic impact of $42.6 million.

CR: BlackBerry service failure cuts Abu Dhabi crashes by 40 percent